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7th popular election has marked the beginning of a new era in Gwangju!
Name : admin Date : 2020-01-07 13:25 57
| Highlighted fifteen key performances of the 7th popular election and a hundred major achievements
| Successful job creation in Gwangju based on the dynamics of the win-win relationship between labor and management arrangements created by the local government
| Big steps taken towards creating the AI Hub City and becoming the leading city in innovation during the fourth industrial revolution

Despite the short one year and six month term since the 7th popular election, Gwangju has been evaluated and deemed that the city has properly prepared its foundation to open the new era in Gwangju by achieving more than a hundred major achievements.

In particular, while Gwangju has spent the largest amount ever on national expenses for two years in a row, the city has completed several old pending projects, including:

- the start of construction for the subway line 2, which was the subject of regional criticism for 16 years
- the successful hosting of the Gwangju FINA World Championship
- confirmed Democracy and Human Rights Memorial Park project as a national project
and has achieved remarkable results in the area of job creation and other future prospectives, including:
- the construction of an auto plant for job creation in Gwangju
- inducement of the AI Convergence Complex

Using these achievements as a stepping stone, Gwangju has expressed its ambition to make 2020 the first year to pursue the era of artificial intelligence in Gwangju through intensive innovation and extensive communication.

Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong-sup had a press conference in the briefing room of Gwangju City Hall on December 23 and announced 15 key performances and 100 notable achievements in the past one and a half years since the inauguration of the 7th popular election.

□ The 15 key performances with innovation and communication

① Success of job creation efforts in Gwangju unprecedented worldwide based on the win-win relationship between labor and management cooperation initiative by the local government
② Big steps taken towards the creation of ‘AI Hub City, Gwangju’ to support 「Republic of Korea, the Fourth Major Powerhouse in Artificial Intelligence」
③ Despite three unfavorable conditions - a small budget, a boycott of North Korea, and a lack of Korean star athletes - the 2019 Gwangju FINA World Championships was deemed immensely successful.
④ Through the reform of city government, old pending projects have been seen through including the construction of subway line 2.
⑤ For the first time in the history of Gwangju, 2.5 trillion won in state funds has been available for use.
⑥ The city attracted 68 significant state projects, including the first in Korea and the largest in Korea.
⑦ Commercializing, branding, and industrializing Gwangju through representative village, performance, and foods that can only be seen in Gwangju
⑧ Correctly protected, inherited and develop the history of justice in Gwangju
⑨ To actively respond to the problem of low birth rate, the government has taken the lead in creating a program aptly named 'Happy Gwangju for raising children'
⑩ Establishing a Gwangju-type welfare model to create a happy community for all without alienated neighbors
⑪ Promoting differentiated policies such as the Gwangju Win-Win Card to revitalize the local economy, the traditional market, and the self-employed
⑫ Becoming the safest city in the nation recognized by the president
⑬ Seeing is believing. Resolving citizens’ vision difficulty by focusing on their sight
⑭ The Gwangju Innovation Promotion Committee was established under the direct control of the mayor to systematically and continuously implement intensive innovation throughout the city.
⑮ In recognition of the many achievements with innovation and communication, Gwangju was awarded 93 honors in various fields including jobs, transportation, safety and welfare (excluding appreciation plaques, etc.)

□ The new Gwangju era begins based on 100 major achievements

Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong-sup said, "The achievements I have talked about so far have not been achieved on their own, but have been achieved through the constant running around and looking at the history and citizens while practicing the three core values of innovation, communication, and cleanliness. We have been able to solve old challenges and build a foundation for new industries and job creation in the future. Blossoming branches can be plentiful when the roots are strong." And he continued saying, “We will open the ‘Artificial Intelligence Gwangju era’ and ‘the righteous and affluent Gwangju’ that will lead the fourth industrial revolution by building upon the remarkable achievements of the past year and a half through innovation and communication."

“Gwangju has a special sense for leading the development of the times; a strong challenging spirit and critical mind, full of creativity and imagination. There is nothing we cannot accomplish when we unite as one. We will create a magnificent Gwangju where people, money, and business come to serve the citizens; where young people return the favor by serving citizens in a lower-key manner and reflecting various opinions of civil social communities in our policies. Thus, we will make a dignified Gwangju where children can proudly say that I live in Gwangju,” said Mayor Lee. He also asked for constant affection and participation in the new path that Gwangju is making.