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Gwangju Chartered Bus industry participating for 'No gatherings'

Name : adminDate : 2020-09-15 15:375
Gwangju Chartered Bus industry participating for 'No gatherings'

The Gwangju Chartered Bus industry is also participating for 'No Gatherings.' This is to oppose transport for the upcoming National Foundation Day and Hangul(한글) Day Seoul(서울) rallies.

The Gwangju Chartered Buses Transportation Association released press material on Sept. 14th that all rental and operations of chartered buses will be declined for Oct. 3rd and 9th Seoul(서울) City Rallies.

This was not an easy decision considering the severe impact COVID 19 has had on the industry. However, with such a serious situation of continued infection cases appearing, the Association considered that this was important.

As for Gwangju, there were 22 confirmed patients who participated at the Aug. 15th Rally held in Seoul(서울). Also, 1 of them participated in a church service to spread the virus to 65 others as well.