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Gwangju sees seventh day in a row of single-digit COVID-19 cases

Name : adminDate : 2020-09-16 17:0310
Gwangju sees seventh day in a row of single-digit COVID-19 cases

Gwangju city recorded a single-digit rise in coronavirus infections for the seven straight days, confirming two new cases on Wednesday as of 6 p.m. While the downward trend in infections over the past week was clearly reflected in data analyzed by the local health authorities, health officials and experts said it was still too early to confirm a definite turnaround. The disinfection authorities analyzed that the current situation leaves unknowns as to how, when, where, and from whom the infection can be spread.

Also, as there are continued cases of transmission between family and work colleagues in asymptomatic conditions, individuals' precautions were especially stressed.

As for the recent infection transmission rates, there were 3 cases each day from Sept. 11th to 13th. However, on Sept. 14th, there was a single case reported to be infected and another 2 cases reported as of today.

With Gwangju’s infected total at 484, Park Hyang(박향), the head of the Gwangju City of Welfare and Health Division, said the city could only claim victory in the Covid-19 battle if reported daily cases were in the single digits for four weeks, equivalent to two incubation periods, as another expert pointed to sudden infection surges elsewhere as a warning against complacency.

So when Chuseok comes around, Korea will likely restore intensive interventions to curb the spread over the big national holiday spanning five days this year from Sept. 30 to Oct. 4.