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With information on Gwangju available throughout the world,
Gwangju’s interaction with many countries will be of greater value.

Righteous and Abundant Gwangju Gwangju as the Future of South Korea
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Righteous and Abundant Gwangju
Gwangju as the Future of South Korea

With fluttering expectation that is harmoniously made from the tradition, vitality, calmness and passion, Gwangju is heading towards a new change.
Gwangju, the City of Righteousness and Abundance
The nation came before me, and the righteousness overcame fear.
The spirit of Gwangju has already become the symbol of democracy in Asia, and Gwangju has turned into a central city for the world’s democracies, human rights and peace.
Gwangju will be the living evidence, which gives the historical lesson that people who follow the rules and stand up for themselves will be held in respect and enjoy affluence.
A city where justice flows like a river, A city where good jobs are created through change and innovation to share prosperity and abundance, That city is Gwangju.
Abundant Gwangju (Cultural Tourism)
Due to making history and having the soul of art, the culture has become Gwangju’s source of competitiveness, job creation and economy.

People are attracted by Gwangju Daum, including Uihyang-Gwangju’s righteousness, Yehyang-Gwangju’s culture and arts, and Mihyang-Gwangju’s tastiness.
It’s the hub of Asian culture and the new mecca of the world’s culture and arts!
Jeonnam’s natural environment that have been together with a history of a thousand years will help turn Gwangju into an international tourism city that will satisfy the five senses of citizen of the world!
The happiness of living in Gwangju and the joy of visiting Gwangju will get bigger.
The city where the flower of abundance blossoms, That’s Gwangju.

Spiritually righteous
Materially abundant Gwangju!

That is the future of South Korea that we all want.

A role model city!
A city that you want to visit again!
A proud city!

The new era of Gwangju begins!