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Gwangju city

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  • West Pole 126˚ 38´ 35˝ ~ East Pole 127˚ 00´ 34˝ east longitude
  • South Pole 35˚ 03´ 13˝ ~ North Pole 35˚ 15´ 22˝ north latitude
  • East-West: 34.3km
  • South-North: 23.1km
  • 501.18㎢
Topography (Geographic configuration)

Gwangju is located in between a mountainous area in the east and a plains area in the west. The city is regarded as one of the best places for agriculture due to its fertile alluvial plains which were created by years of soil accumulation. It has played a central role in facilitating interchanges between those living in the mountainous area and others in the plains region. Gwangju has also been a hub of administration, culture and the military

  • Division in Charge : Urban Restoration Bureau Land Information Division
  • Contact : +82-62-613-4564