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Organization Chart

  • Deputy Mayor for Administrative Affairs
  • Deputy Mayor for Culture and Economic Affairs
  • Spokesperson
  • Social Integration Officer
  • Innovation Policy Officer
  • Labor Relations Officer
Planning & Coordination Bureau
Policy Planning Officer
Budget Policy Officer
Assessment Officer
Tax Administration Officer
Information Office
Legal Affairs Officer
International Relations Officer
Municipal Safety Bureau
Safety Policy Officer
Disaster Prevention Division
Disaster Response Division
Public Safety Investigation Division
Local Autonomy Administration Bureau
Local Autonomy Administration Division
Administration Support Division
Balanced Development Policy Division
Accounting Division
Democracy, Human Rights, and Peace Bureau
Democracy and Human Rights Division
May 18 Movement Advancement Division
Peace Foundation Development Division
Welfare & Health Bureau
Social Welfare Division
Aging Society Policy Division
Welfare for the Disabled Division
Health Policy Division
Food Safety Division
Gender Equality and Family Bureau
Gender Equality and Family Division
Childbirth and Parenting Division
Youth and Adolescence Division
Environmental Ecology Bureau
Environmental Policy Division
Climate Change Response Division
Resource Recirculation Division
Parks & Forests Division
Water Cycle Policy Division
Sewage Management Division
Urban Restoration Bureau
Urban Planning Division
Urban Restoration Policy Division
City Maintenance Division
Housing & Architecture Division
Land Information Division
Military Airport Relocation Project Group
Military Airport Policy Division
Relocation Project Division
Transportation & Construction Bureau
Transportation Policy Division
Public Transportation Division
Construction Administration Division
Road Division
Fire & Safety Bureau
Fire Administration Division
Prevention & Protection Division
Rescue & EMS Division
119 Emergency Operation Room
119 Special Rescue Team
Culture, Tourism & Sports Bureau
Culture City Policy Officer
Culture Foundation Division
Culture Industry Division
Tourism Promotion Division
Sports Promotion Division
Employment & Economy Bureau
Job Policy Officer
Investment Promotion Division
Enterprise Promotion Division
Public Economy Division
Bio-Agriculture Division
Artificial Intelligence Industry Bureau
Future Industry Policy Officer
Artificial Intelligence Policy Division
Auto Industry Division
Energy Industry Division
Smart City Division
Department,Office,People in Charge
Department·Bureau·Headquarters (14) Office·Agency·Division (67) People in Charge
4 departments, 8 bureaus, 2 headquarters 8 offices, 6 agencies, 53 divisions 265

Direct Institutes

  • Officials Training Institute
  • Health & Environment Institute
  • Agriculture Technology Center
  • Fire Fighting School
  • Dongbu Fire Station
  • Seobu Fire Station
  • Nambu Fire Station
  • Bukbu Fire Station
  • Gwangsan Fire Station

Other Divisions and Offices

  • Public Water Service Office
  • General Construction Office
  • Urban Rail Construction Office
  • Gwangju City Library
  • Gwangju Museum of Art
  • Culture & Art Center
  • Green City Office
  • Municipal Folk Museum
  • Seobu Agricultural & Marine Products Market Management Office
  • May 18 Democratic Archives
  • Work-Home Compatibility Support Headquarters
  • Seoul Headquarters
  • May 18th Memorial Culture Center
  • Uchi Park Management Office
  • Gakhwa-dong Agricultural & Marine Products Market Management Office
  • Kimchi Town Management Office

Municipal Assembly Secretariat

  • General Affairs Office
  • Parliamentary Affairs Office
  • Legislation & Policies Management Department
  • Senior Technical Experts in Management
  • Technical Experts in Administration Autonomy
  • Technical Experts in Environment & Welfare
  • Technical Experts in Industries & Construction
  • Technical Experts in Education & Culture
  • Special Technical Experts

Collegiate Administrative Organization

  • Audit & Inspection Committee of Gwangju Metropolitan City

Division in Charge : Policy Planning Division

Contact : +82-62-613- 2353