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Healthcare Insurance

The Korean government offers healthcare insurance to everybody in the country and allocates some portion of the budget to every regional government for healthcare services. You pay just 30 percent of the doctor’s bill, and the remaining 70 percent is covered by the National Health Insurance Corporation.

Foreigners can also enjoy the benefits of healthcare services. Foreign workers are required to subscribe to the healthcare system and pay some portion of their salary to the system.

Those without legal status of sojourn may face problems. They may suffer from health problems because they often forgo seeing a doctor. If you find yourself in a similar situation, please do not hesitate to visit one of the institutions that help foreign workers and ask for help. Who is eligible

Who is eligible for healthcare insurance?
  • Foreigners who have lived in South Korea for more than six months are required to sign up (F-6 visa holders get the residence permit on arrival date)
  • Spouse or children of Korean citizens who live in South Korea with F-1 visa.
  • Foreigners related to the following visas, and their family including spouses, dependents under the age of 20 living in South Korea for more than one year: D-1 (Artist), D-3 (Industrial trainee), D-5 (Journalism), D-6 (Religion), D-7 (Supervisor), D-8 (Corporate investor), D-9 (International trade), E1 (Professor), E-2 (Foreign-language instructor), E-3 (Research), E-4 (Technology transfer), E-5 (Professional employment), E-7 (Designated activities), E-8 (Training employment)
  • Foreigners related to F-2 visa
  • Over seas Koreans with foreign citizenship living in South Korea
  • International students with D-2, D-4 visas are not allowed to register within the region (16 July 2019 to 28 February 2021). However, those who are maintaining the right as locally insured persons can sustain it until the disqualification.
Required Conditions:
  • 1. In case the deadline conditions are met
    • After someone completes their alien registration
    • Those who meet all the requirements will become eligible for the services after alien registration (Foreigners) and resident registration (Overseas Koreans) are both completed
  • 2. Application Process
    • Apply to the National Health Insurance Service branch in your area.
    • Submit a copy of your alien registration card or document(s) that can prove your residence in Korea.
    • If you are residing in Korea and have income, submit document(s) to prove your income.
    • If you are a student, submit a certificate of enrollment.
    • Documents for merging households or registering dependent(s).
      - Submit documents verifying family relations, translated into Korean and certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of applicant’s country or embassy and consulate in Korea. Or submit the results of genetic testing.
Loss of Insurance
  • If the length of your visit expires or you leave the country permanently, the insurance will lapse.
  • International students with D-2 or D-4 visas who have sustaining the right since 16 July 2019 will lose the insurance.
Default on Premium
  • Insurance benefits or residence permits may be restricted if prepaid insurance premiums are defaulted.
  • Defaulters will be encouraged to pay by a set deadline, and if they do not pay, the amount will be forcibly collected by seizure of income, property, deposits, etc.
Principle of Insurance
  • Levy above average insurance premium of the total number of subscribers.
  • Students in high school for the purpose of getting D-2 (Students), D-4-3 (General Trainee): 50% reduction
  • D-6 (Religion) and G-1-6 / G-1-12 (Miscellaneous): 30% reduction
  • Insurance premium of permanent residing foreigner in purpose of visiting family or cohabitation will be equal with Korean based on incomes and property.
Payment of Premium
  • Insurance premium for next month should be prepaid. Permanent residing foreigner (F-5, F-6) will pay monthly as Korean.
National Health Insurance Corporation
  • For any further questions on the health insurance program or the location of the National Health Insurance Corporation, please visit
    English 中文 日本語
  • National Health Insurance Service +82-1577-1000
  • Division in Charge : Administration Support Division, NHIS Gwangju HQ
  • Contact : +82-62-250-0110