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Gwangju city

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With information on Gwangju available throughout the world,
Gwangju’s interaction with many countries will be of greater value.

Urban Vision and Development Initiative

Planning Objective

Planning Objective
Civil Goals Proceeding Strategy Proceeding Assignments
Realizing ParticipatingAutonomous Cities
  • Implementinga citizen-centered autonomous city by promoting administration centered oncitizen participation and communication
  • Promotingparticipation and communication administration with citizens
  • Realizationof Gwangju Community where Gwangju spirit is alive and breathing
  • Strengthening win-wincooperation in well-off city
Becoming aCity of Equal Human Rights
  • Promotinghuman rights-friendly policies and establishing solidarity and cooperationsystem to improve human rights in Asia and the world
  • Realization ofHuman Rights that citizens can sympathize with
  • Becoming a Global Human Rights City
Establishing aSafe Green City
  • Realizationof an eco-friendly Gwangju, by creating an urban environment where people andnature coexist and establishing a convenient and safe transportation system
  • Establishing asafe urban environment for citizens
  • Creating a beautiful urban landscape forcitizens
  • Establishing safeand convenient green transportation
  • Implementing sustainableeco-city
Becoming aWarm City of Welfare
  • AchieveGwangju Living Together goals by establishing the Gwangju Citizen WelfareStandards and building community-centered welfare
  • Building a welfare community giving hopeand pride
  • Realizing universal welfare through theexpansion of public welfare projects
  • Creating happy urban conditions for womenand youth
Building aGenerous Economy City
  • Realizingthe 4th Industrial Revolution by creating good jobs through social agreementsand fostering future food industries such as eco-friendly cars and new energy
  • Establishing Gwangju-typejob creation model through social agreement
  • Fosteringthe future food industry in response to the 4thIndustrial Revolution
  • Fostering a future-type new growth engineindustry
Creating aDreaming Cultural City
  • PositioningGwangju as a Dreaming Cultural City by successfully pushing ahead with theproject to create an Asian cultural hub and supporting the development ofcreative cultural industries
  • Progress with the Asia Cultural Hub CityProject
  • Intensively fosteringcreative cultural industry
  • Strengthencompetitiveness by expanding tourism resourcesunique to the region
  • Strengthening capacityas a city of international sports
  • Division in Charge: Policy Planning Office
  • Contact: +82-62-613-2321