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Gwangju city

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With information on Gwangju available throughout the world,
Gwangju’s interaction with many countries will be of greater value.

Air Home Appliance & Air Industry

  • Foster the air appliance industry, and support businesses in order to preoccupy the market, which is greatly expanding due to worsening air quality and tightened regulations relating to fine dust, etc.
  • Promote small businesses by establishing an integrated eco-friendly air appliance industry city/Smart Air Appliance R&BD Hub
Analysis of Air Pollution Sources by Space and Development of Specialized Purification Technology
  • Develop and demonstrate technology to reduce exposure to fine dust that may be found in various places (schools, restaurants, hospitals, underground spaces, houses, commercial facilities, etc.) to protect the nation’s health.
    • Develop technology to mitigate fine dust from commercial faculties (grill fires etc.)
    • Developing mitigation technology by understanding the cause of ultra-fine dust in subways and performing empirical evaluations in real places to install intelligent indoor air quality management systems in underground stations.
Development of Air Purifier +loT Convergence Products
  • Link data on chemical species analysis and mass analysis to information on its harmfulness and improve people’s ability to cope with fine dust by establishing an IoT service platform providing personalized fine-dust integration information.
Establishment of Smart Integrated Information Management System with loT
  • Establish smart ultra-fine dust information management system with IoT that provides information of ultra-fine dust in conformity with its original purpose of ultra-fine dust users (researchers, research participants, general public, media leaders).
    • Support the creation of value-added products by using DB, established through information visualization and information interpretation and utilization in various IoT devices.
    • Run parallel demonstration project and enterprise link support through Air Map Technology Implementation (e.g. mobile phone app and software implementation of wearable devices).
Air and Home Appliance Industry Cluster Business and Job Creation
  • Attract five companies a year, 25 companies over five years
  • Create 100 jobs per year, 500 jobs over five years
Building a consultative group to establish a cooperative network for activating the air appliance industry
  • Cooperation in developing innovative products for air appliances through the formation of a consultative group among companies in the air appliance industry and set the foundation to boost vitality in local industries