Gwangju, the shining city.

Legal Basis
  • Article 14-2 of the Foreign Investment Promotion Act
Assessment Criteria
  • The status of entailing advanced technology, the effect of the technology transfer, the size of the job creation, overlap with domestic investment, the appropriateness of the location, etc.
Support Details
  • The purchase price or rent for land or buildings for the construction of factories or research facilities
  • Construction costs for factory facilities or research institutes
  • The cost of purchasing capital goods and research apparatus and materials to be used for business or research purposes at factory facilities or research institutes
  • Installation costs for infrastructure such as electricity and telecommunications facilities required for the construction of factory or research facilities
  • Employment subsidy and education and training subsidy
Support procedure
  1. Assessment of the detailed Investment PlanMinister of Trade, Industry and Energy
  2. Determination of the amount of cash supportNegotiation with foreigners and review by the Investment Review Committee
  3. Negotiations on cash support status and amountMinister of Trade, Industry and Energy ⇄ Minister of Strategy and Finance
  4. Payment of cash supportPayment of cash support