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Gwangju city

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With information on Gwangju available throughout the world,
Gwangju’s interaction with many countries will be of greater value.

Design Industry

Investment Environment and Support Policies
Hosting Gwangju Design Biennale

Hosting international-scale design exhibition event for the Image formation as the design base city in the southwestern region of the country and promotion of the local design industry development

  • Direction : Citizens’ engagement with popularization, Industrialization contributing to the revitalization of the local economy, Internationalization with the people of the world, Systemization of hosting international events
  • Period : Sat. 2019/9/7 ~ Thur. 10/31, 55 days 
  • Venues : Gwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall, Gwangju Design Center Foundation, area of Gwangju  
  • Host/Organizer : Gwangju Metropolitan City/ Gwangju Design Center Foundation
  • Director : LEE Gil-hyung (Professor at Hongik University) 
  • Event Contents
    • Theme Exhibition: Humanity and Design
    • International Exhibition: Humanity for Next Generation (Human-centered design of Northern Europe) 
    • Symbolic Sculpture: Audiovisual sculpture consistent with the theme
    • Industrialization Program: Business Lounge, Gwangju Design Archive, Business Day 
    • Academic Events: Pre-Forum, Opening Symposium, International Conference
  • Project Cost: 4.5 billion KRW(National budget 1.3, Municipal budget 2.3, Private funding 0.9)
Capacity reinforcement of Gwangju Design Center Foundation

Reinforcement of research function of Gwangju Design Center Foundation, Promotion of design support projects to foster leading companies in specialized fields, Consulting and development assistance in Design, Providing domestic and international design information, Conducting education for training design personnel, etc.

Design development support for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Support for the propulsion of the joint design development business of local SMEs and professional design companies Development and support of the design field, discovery, and promotion of best cases

Supporting Infrastructure
Status of Gwangju Design Center Foundation
  • Opening : 2006/3/22 
  • Scale : Building site 33,057㎡, Gross floor area 17,384㎡ (Basement 1 floor~Ground 7 floors) 
  • Function : Support for design technology development, Utilization of the common equipment, Manpower training, Information provision, Start-up Incubation, etc functioning as Design Business comprehensive support center
Establishment of special equipment and system for the collaboration of local industry and design

Common equipment (planning, printing), prototype production, studio equipment, Establishment of Experience Center, etc