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Medical Industry

Development Direction
Leap toward the final vision 2030 Global Medi-City Target Target of expanding the medical industry in Gwangju, and strengthening its competitiveness. 
- Achieve 2.3 trillion KRW of sales in local medical industry in 2030.
- Secure new medical technology and foster leading medical industry enterprises in response to the 4th industrial revolution. Development strategy Preparation of local response system to medical industry
- strengthening competitiveness in medical equipment field
- growth in bio-cosmetics field
- new development in medical service field Securing new technology and convergence technology
- Securing new technology
- training professionals
- securing big data in response to the 4th industrial revolution
Network expansion in fostering medical industry
Network expansion among medical industry-related enterprises, hospitals, supporting organizations and local governments
Definition of Medical Industry

The medical industry (healthcare industry) refers to the entire economic system that provides goods and services for treating, preventing, rehabilitating, and alleviating patients’ illnesses. The domestic medical industry is usually defined as the medical devices, medicine, and medical service industries.

Medical industry development status in Gwangju
Medical industry development status in Gwangju
Classification 2002 2007 2011 2014 2015 2016 2017 Remarks
Number of enterprises (each) 2 49 109 230 277 310 367
Sales amount (100 million KRW) 2 1,147 2,380 2,919 3,471 3,891 4,466
Employees (persons) 22 585 1,258 2,026 2,228 2,477 2,735
Growth of medical industry in Gwangju
Growth of medical industry in Gwangju
Project Period Project Expenses (KRW) Programs
Establish a technical support center for dental material parts Sep. 2014~Feb. 2018(3 years) -Total budget 25 billion -Center construction (1 basement, 3 ground floors)
-Building test production equipment
-Technology development and commercialization
Establish an industry support center for convergence medical equipment for orthopedics 2017~2021 (5 years) -Total budget 25.41 billion -Center construction (2 ground floors)
-Prototype production and equipment building, etc.
-Technology development and commercialization, etc.
Support for small and medium-sized partners in bioresorbable dental material parts 2018~2022 (5 years) -Total budget 17 billion -All clinical TEST-BED-Corporate support, support for commercialization of technology
(Regional flagship industry promotion business)Digital biomedical industry promotion 2013∼2020 (8 years) -Total budget 164.7 billion -R&D-Non R&D
Fostering future bio-parts material industry 2017∼ 2021 (5 years) -Total budget 3.26 billion -Support for companies with overseas expansion
-Attracting companies and supporting startups
Local innovation center for dental precision equipment and parts Mar. 2006~ Feb. 2016 (10 years) -Total budget 18.9 billion - Building equipment and research development
- Common utilization of equipment, and prototype production
Foster advanced contact lens industry Apr. 2016 ~Mar. 2019 - Total budget 2.62 billion -Technology development(contact lens design)
-Domestic and overseas certification, prototype package, etc.
Photonics convergence medical equipment industry promotion Apr. 2017 ~Dec. 2019 -Total budget 1.76 billion -Technology development, support for certification marketing, etc.
Securing dental laboratory industry manufacturing technology Apr. 2017 ~Dec. 2019 -Total budget 1.76 billion -Dental laboratory integration, digital product technology development, etc.
Development and industrialization of digital dental healthcare product Apr. 2018 ~Dec. 2020 -Total budget 1.21 billion -Technology development (new product development, digital convergence product development)
- Support for certification package, support for commercialization, etc.
Original technology development project of replication of regenerative cells July 2017 ~Mar. 2021 (5 years) -Total budget 1.55 billion -R&D and commercialization of chronic shoulder tendon rupture treatment
Research capacity enhancement project for clinical medical scientists Apr. 2017 ~Dec. 2020 (4 years) -Total budget 4 billion -Establishment of a platform for practical use of diagnosis and treatment to overcome intractable chronic diseases
Establishment of micro-medical robot center 2013~2019 (6 years) - Total budget 31.7 billion -Foundation building, infrastructure utilization, and commercialization R&D
Support for domestic‧overseas dental equipment exhibitions Yearly - 45 million (in 2019) -Exhibition participation and marketing support
Establishment of dental equipment test and inspection center 2017~2019 -Total budget 3 billion -Center construction (extension)
-GLP facility, equipment construction, etc.
Host senior & medical industry fair Yearly ·-264 million (in 2019) - Exhibitions such as senior goods equipment, health care products, etc.
- Overseas export consultation sessions, purchase briefing sessions, etc.
Foster health product for pain treatment for the longevity period 2015∼2018 (3 years) -Total budget 2.378 billion -Development of health products for pain treatment based on herbal materials
-Commercialization of health products and industrialization of related products
Support for the operation of the senior-friendly industry support center Yearly -820 million (in 2019) -Exhibition and experience operation of excellent senior-friendly products
-Senior-friendly technology development and corporate support, etc.
MRI-based dementia special brain damage investigation and brain map establishment July 2014 ~June 2019 (5 years) -Total budget 7.57 billion -Establishment of brain map to predict dementia by age group (60s~80s) and early diagnosis
Development of management technology for dementia patients June 2016 ~Feb. 2021 (5 years) - Total budget 5.7 billion -Development of dementia severity monitoring technology based on extensive biometric information