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With information on Gwangju available throughout the world,
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Energy Valley Creation

Promotion of Gwangju Energy Valley Creation
Concept of Gwangju Energy Valley
  • A part of Bitgaram Energy Valley, the entire Gwangju Metropolitan City interacting with the propulsion body
Project overview
  • Period: 2015~2020  
  • Expenses: 1 trillion 8,200 million KRW (National Budget 216.3, Municipal Budget 158, Private Funding 633.9) (billion KRW)
  • Vision: Construction of the Next Generation Energy Industry Hub City
Vision and propulsion strategy
Gwangju Energy Valley Creation, Attracting 250 companies, 2 trillion KRW annual sales, 5,000 jobs, 20 world-class, In 2020
, Infrastructure construction (industrial complex construction, attracting research institutes), attracting companies (corporate support), developing power energy technology, training personnel, specialized project
Bitgaram Energy Valley Creation Project
What is Energy Valley? Gwangju-Jeonnam Region In connection with the Strategic Industry Belt Bitgaram Innovation City Centered on academic-industry research cluster Bitgaram Innovation City
Naju Cultural high-tech industry belt IT convergence belt agri-food and life industry belt new and renewable energy belt
a smart energy hub developing together with the local community
Bitgaram Energy Valley Creation Project is a project that “KEPCO is pursuing to promote win-win development with local communities with the relocation of Gwangju-Jeonnam joint innovation city.”
  • Period: 2015~2020  
  • Location: Gwangju.Jeonnam area, Bitgaram Innovation City  
  • Project promotion: Gwangju Jeonnam (Naju), KEPCO, Korea Power Exchange, KEPCO KPS, KEPCO KDN
  • Invest more than 10 billion KRW in R&D every year 
  • By 2020, attracting 500 companies, training 1,000 professionals
Key Promotion
Power Energy Technology Development Cooperation Project
First joint cooperation project linked to KEPCO's relocation
  • Project Title: Regional Industry Development Projects linked to Growth Base 
  • Period/Location: Aug. 2014~ July 2017 (3 years) / Gwangju, Jeonnam area  
  • Organizer/Participant: Local governments (Gwangju. Jeonnam), KEPCO, regional innovation institutions, and enterprises  
  • Total Budget: 8.7 billion KRW (National budget 3.5, municipal and state budget 0.9, KEPCO 2.7, private funding 1.6) (billion KRW) 
  • Business details: Island hybrid type MG, MG type ESS development, networking
Energy Internet of Things Industry Ecosystem Development Project
  • Period/Location: Sep. 2015~Aug. 2017 (2 years)/ Gwangju area  
  • Project participation: Honam University, Gwangju TP, KEPCO KPS, ENERGY&AIR SYSTEM Co., Ltd. KETI, etc.  
  • Total Budget: 3.2 billion KRW (National budget 2, Municipal Budget 0.4, KEPCO KPS 0.4, Private funding 0.4) (billion KRW)
  • Business details: Demonstration and industrialization of long- and short-cycle hybrid ESS
HVDC Technology Development Demonstration and Industrialization Project
  • * HVDC (High-Voltage Direct Current): Electromagnetic wave ×, transmission tower size ↓, undergrounding ○, Construction cost ↑ 
  • Period/Location: 2016~2019 (4 years)/ Gwangju-Jeonnam-Jeju area  
  • Project execution: Direct Current Transmission/ Distribution project (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) *Director: YOO Dong-wook Vice President, KERI (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute)  
  • Total Budget: 130 billion KRW 
  • Business details: Voltage type HVDC technology development and system verification. certification
Workshops, presentations, etc

(Energy Valley affiliated regional development debate) - 2015/03/12, Kimdaejung Convention Center, 150 people(Business briefing for major organizations related to Energy Valley) - 2015/03/31, Kimdaejung Convention Center, 300 people(Energy Valley affiliated technology exchange workshop) - 2015/04/28~04/29, Jeungdo, 45 people(Energy Valley SMEs Support System briefing session) - 2015/7/21, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 250 people(Technology and business exchange workshop) - 2015/10/27~10/28, Jeungdo, 100 people

  • Target: Employees of local small, medium, and large businesses affiliated with energy and electricity
  • Description: Energy Valley overview, project details, corporate support system, etc.
Manpower Training Project
Field adaptable manpower training project
  • Course Title: Energy Valley Power New Technology Professional Training Course
  • Education period/ venue: 2015/09/15 ~ 12/24 (16 weeks) / Kimdaejung Convention Center  
  • Target: 56 people (Juniors and seniors of Gwangju-Jeonnam universities affiliated with power energy majors) 
  • Host/Sponsor: (Host) KEPCO-Technology planning department, (Sponsor) Gwangju, Jeonnam
  • Training hours: 48 hours (3 hours/ day × 1 day/ week × 16 weeks) 
  • Education details: ESS, DC distribution, invitation of experts and technicians in the MC field, energy field-oriented education (together with practice and field trip)
Manpower training through job competition participation
  • Project Title: JOBS Training Project with GIST  
  • Project period/budget: Jan.~Dec. 2016/ 1.4 billion KRW (National budget 1.1, Municipal budget 0.3) (billion KRW)
  • Organizer/Participants: Energy Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) / Donggang University, Korean Institute of Smart Media  
  • Project details: Energy New Business education (150 people), creation of 105 jobs