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Gwangju city

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With information on Gwangju available throughout the world,
Gwangju’s interaction with many countries will be of greater value.

Invest Environment and Support Policy

Successful promotion of the Hub City of Asian Culture Project and establishment of the foundations for a cultural city
Creating the foundations for a cultural city
  • Linking and supplementing five cultural areas, creating a cultural environment throughout the city 
    • Creating a cultural city where residents want to walk  
    • Creating a pleasant and beautiful cultural city by upgrading public design
    • Creating a city with living history and cultural assets  
    • Creating an eco-friendly city with parks, green spaces, and public squares in harmony  
    • Building a smart city incorporating culture and art
Culture and art promotion
  • Fostering and branding international cultural and artistic events utilizing local strengths
    • Gwangju Biennale, Art Gwangju (Gwangju International Art Fair), GWANGJU MEDIA Art Festival, etc  
  • Promoting the discovery of specialized projects that can have national ripple effects and international empathy  
    • Popularization and globalization of ‘Marching for our Beloved’ and hosting May Art Festivals
  • Creation of a mecca city for culture and art healing  
    • Establishment of culture and arts healing school and operating culture and arts healing support center, establishment of Asian culture therapy network
Fostering the cultural industry
  • Establishment of cultural industry support base, cultural content production and marketing support, training of professional manpower and employment support, activation of cultural industry-related companies and investment attraction
  • Intensive cultivation of five major contents (music, craft/design, games, cutting-edge video, edutainment) 
    • The goal of securing sustainable development and long-term self-sustainability of Hub City of Asian Culture by fostering cultural industries that create new growth engines and high added value
  • Expansion of investment in the high-tech convergence cultural industry that will lead the 4th industrial revolution
    • Promoting the creation of a high-tech realistic production cluster
  • Establishment and operation of Korea Culture Technology(CT) Research Center
    • A pivotal role in creating a core engine for the cultural industry ecosystem and the cultural industry
  • Stable operation of investment associations and investment promotion districts and vitalization of private investment promotion
Fostering the tourism industry
  • Promote discovery of specialized businesses that lead the value-oriented future tourism paradigm 
    • “Art tourism,” combining culture and art with tourism, and a history tour (Dark Tourism) to learn lessons from exploring painful historical sites, etc.
  • Linking with core businesses such as Asia Culture Center and five major cultural areas, expanding tourism base and contents
    • Establishment of tourism infrastructure and content programs centered on trail course (Masil-gil), fair travel, social welfare tour, and walking tour around the Asia Cultural Center
  • Developing tourism contents that connect Hub City of Asian Culture and southwest regions
Developing tourism contents that connect Hub City of Asian Culture and southwest regions
Seven major culture zones(Comprehensive plan in 2007, Revised plan in 2013) Examples of five major culture zone and projects(Revised plan in 2018)
① Culture Center Zone
  • Gwangju Fringe Festiva
  • Daein Art Market, Art Street
  • Investment promotion district (Jeonil Building) support facility construction
① Culture center. Culture Exchange Zone
  • Building Asian museum of modern art*Creation of Citizen Culture and Arts Village
  • Building Gwangju modern history and culture center
  • Creation of Asia justice road
  • Creation of urban youth hostel
  • Establishment of Asia cultural diversity promotion center
② Asia Culture Exchange Zone
  • Creation of Sajik international culture exchange town
  • Creation of Yangnim History & Culture Village
  • Creation of 'Peakmusic'
③ Asia New Science Zone
  • Art Factory within Industrial Complex
② Convergence Cultural Science Zone
  • Creation of an advanced realistic content production cluster
  • Fostering the optical art creative industry
  • Convergence science industry valley creation
④ Asia Traditional Culture Zone
  • Establishment of Education Center for transmission of Gossaum-Nori
  • Gossaum-Nori Festival
③ Asian Community Culture Zone
  • Hosting Asia Rope Culture Festival
  • Community traditional culture based exchanges and experience project
  • Center for Asian inheritable cultural Technology
  • Creation of Asian handicraft theme park
⑤ Cultural Landscape and Ecological Environment Conservation Zone
  • Establishment of Traditional Culture Center, Pungryu Namdo outing
  • Mudeungsan Historical Exploration Program Operation
※ Excluded from cultural zone creation project, expanded to the whole city
⑥ Educational Culture Zone ④ Future Education Culture Zone
  • Creation of imaginary pavilion
  • Creation of Edu park
  • Creation of Edu-Culture Experimental School and Edu-Town
⑦ Visual Media Culture Zone
  • ART PICNIC in Jungoe Park
  • Creation of the International Town as the Symbol of Biennale
⑤ Visual Media Culture Zone
  • New construction of Gwangju Biennale building
  • Creation of an international art studio
  • Creating a foundation for youth culture and arts education
  • Hosting International Light-Art Festival