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Gwangju city

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With information on Gwangju available throughout the world,
Gwangju’s interaction with many countries will be of greater value.

Hanam Industrial Complex, Jingok Industrial Complex, Sochon Industrial Complex, Cheomdan 3-District, Cheomdan Industrial Complex [1-2District] (National), Bonchon Industrial Complex, Bitgreen Industrial Complex (National), Sochon Agro-Industrial Complex, Pyeongdong Industrial Complex, Woljeon Foreign Investment Area, Songam Industrial Complex, Pyeongdong 3rd Industrial Complex, Energy Valley (National, Municipal), Gwangsan-gu, Seo-gu, Nam-gu, Dong-gu, Buk-gu, Seo-gu

Industrial Complexes under development

Industrial Complexes under development
Complex BitgreenIndustrial Complex (National) EnergyValley (National) EnergyValley (General) Pyeongdong3rd Industrial Complex (General)
LandUsage (1,000㎡) 1,847 486 932 1,172
Sale Period ’18.10. ’17.12. ’20.06. ’17.12.
BusinessAgent Ministryof Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) Ministryof Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) GwangjuMetropolitan City GwangjuMetropolitan City
Promotor KoreaLang & Housing Corporation UrbanInnovation Corporation UrbanInnovation Corporation SPC
SaleCost (1,000KRW /㎡) 276 411 453 337
Location Samgeo-dong,Gwangsan-gu, and around Wolya-myeon, Hampyeong-gun AroundDaechon-dong, Nam-gu AroundDaechon-dong, Nam-gu AroundWoljeon-dong,Yeonsan-dong,Gwangsan-gu
Eligiblebusiness categories Photonics Industry,digital Information appliances, automobiles, high-tech parts and materials,etc. Electronics,electric, mechanical, research and development, etc. Electronics,electricity, mechanical, automobile, gas, etc Metal processing, electronics,electricity, machinery, metal, automobiles, manufacturing, etc.

Industrial Complex Plan

Industrial Complex Plan
Name of Industrial Complex Land Usage (1,000㎡) Business Period Sale Period (Preference of Supply) Business Agent Promotor
Cheomdan 3-District 1,106 ’11~’24 ’23.06. Gwangju Metropolitan City Urban Innovation Corporation