Home Appliance Industry

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Maximizing the largest home appliance integration basis in Korea and establishing smart electronic industry convergence clusters
Supporting the home appliance industry (2004 to 2012)
Phase 1 (2004 to 2008): establishing digital home appliance infrastructure-centered base
  • Attracting the Gwangju Regional Headquarters of the Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) and establishing the Gwangju Digital Convergence Center (establishment of infrastructure and high-tech equipment), developing key technologies of digital home appliance/parts and components industries, training field workers and supporting development of complex technologies
Phase 2 (2009 to 2012): expanding specialized information/home appliance base and establishing the infrastructure for home appliance robot industries
  • Establishing equipment for improvement of infrastructure for digital information home appliance commercialization, production of prototypes and joint utilization, and providing company support services tailored to different regions
  • Establishing company support bases for specialized high-value added home appliance robots with advanced robotic technology
Phase 3 (2013 to 2015): selecting prominent areas of specialized smart home appliances and providing intensive support
  • Selecting new specialized regional industrial support and areas of prominent industries (smart home appliances, wellness home appliances, smart home appliance robots
Phase 4 (2017 to 2021): establishing infrastructure to provide specialized support for air home appliance industries
  • Attempting to shift regional home appliance industrial paradigm (home appliance → air home appliance) and improve conditions (parts → completed products), establishing the infrastructure to test air home appliance efficiency and support certification, and fostering small and medium-sized companies specialized in air home appliances
Results of Support
Major results of Phase 1
Completion of the construction of the Gwangju Digital Convergence Center (November 2007)
  • Size: 31,821 ㎡ of land in Cheomdan Industrial Complex / floor space of 7,425 ㎡
  • Plans: operating start-up incubation chambers, establishing a future living hall (company support exhibition), establishing information home appliance development/malfunction analysis/credibility evaluation/prototype production equipment (192 of 260 types)
Major results of Phase 2
Establishing a home appliance robot center (16,500 ㎡ of land, total floor space of 14,650 ㎡, 66 types of equipment including robot image processing systems)
Expanding the base for the commercialization of digital information home appliances and conducting maintenance (August 2010)
  • Completing the expansion of prototype production chambers and a start-up incubation center (floor space: 2,133 ㎡), establishing additional IT fusion equipment (68 of 70 types), and checking and upgrading relevant equipment
  • Company support: providing detailed company support services such as supporting small and medium-sized companies' complex technology through the use of relevant equipment, conducting tests and analyses, environmental credibility test of Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (KOLAS), supporting the production of prototypes, enhancing information home appliance-related companies' competitiveness and supporting marketing
  • Training: nurturing the ability and skills of small and medium-sized companies' field workers by holding on-site job training and seminars on the latest high-tech trends
Major results of Phase 3
Establishing an air home appliance innovation support center
  • Establishing infrastructure: Construction of the center (Total construction area: 2,020㎡), preparation of common use equipment (63 sets including a dust collection chamber efficiency checker)
  • Supporting test and certification: supporting test and certification for technology and credibility of products such as GB, JEMA and CQC, and resolving difficulties arising in certain technologies
  • Supporting commercialization: operating a certification test bed of exported products and supporting overseas marketing activities in China, India, Malaysia, etc.
Primary policies
Support of fostering new specialized regional industry (the smart home appliance industry) (2013 to 2016)
  • Intensively fostering three prominent specialized areas (smart home appliances, wellness home appliances and smart home appliance robots) to build a hub of future smart home appliances
Project to foster trans area-linked 3D fusion industries (2012 to 2017)
  • A project to foster 3D fusion industries is aimed at establishing a stronghold for linked clusters by establishing an integrated support system for creation of 3D fusion new industries and R&D/production (commercialization), which secures a global foundation for 3D fusion industries
Fostering new generation DC electric/electronics industries (2014 to 2018)
  • Establishing a foundation and developing technology to produce DC-related electric/electronic equipment in preparation for home DC power supply
Establishing the foundation for an air home appliance innovation support center (2017 to 2021)
  • Establishing the foundation to facilitate air home appliance industries (support center, equipment, specialists)
  • Providing the innovative base to develop key technology for air home appliance and support companies, exploring new markets and vitalizing exports

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