Biomedical Industry

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Development Status of Gwangju City's Biomedical Industry
Classification 2002 2005 2007 2010 2014 2015 2015 2017 Remarks
Number of Companies 2 39 49 85 230 277 310 367 * Titanium Center established in 2002→ Starting point for medical industries
Annual Sales
(Unit: 100,000 U.S. dollars)
2 766 1,147 2,262 2,919 3,471 3,891 4,466
Amount of Exports
(Unit: 100,000 U.S. dollars)
- - - - 415 437 573 760
Number of Jobs 22 527 585 1,049 2,026 2,228 2,477 2,735
Current Status of Gwangju City's Medical Industries
Project Name Period Project Expenses Programs
Dental materials and parts technical support center Sept.‘14~Feb.’18(3 years, 6 months) -Total Budget: 25 billion
won (10 by National budget, 13 by Municipal budget, 2 by Private funding)
-Center construction
(6,313㎡ 1 basement, 3 ground floors)
-Test production equipment
-Technology development and commercialization
Future bio parts and materials industry promotion(RIS) March‘14~Feb.’17(3 years)
Outcome usage: 5 years
-Total Budget: 3.26 billion
won (1.98 National, 0.39 Municipal, 0.89 Private)
-Support businesses operating overseas(Company selection→Network→Product Development→Certification and patent support→Marketing)
-Hosting businesses and startup support
Local innovation center for precision dental equipment and parts (RIC) March‘06~Feb.’16 (10 years)
Outcome usage: 5 years
-Total Budget: 18.9 billion
won (6.8 National, 1 Municipal, 11.1 Private)
-Equipment setup and research & development
-Joint equipment use between colleges and enterprises, production of prototypes
Biomedical materials and parts industry
(8 years)
-Total Budget 6.2 billion
(3.65 National, 2.55 Municipal)
-Enterprise support service
(excluding overseas marketing)
-R&D support (local public subscription)
Foreign dental equipment exhibition support Yearly -50 million won (2018)
(100% Municipal budget)
-Provide dental equipment companies with participation & installation cost for exhibitions
Establishing support center for fusion Orthopedic medical equipment industry ‘17~’21 (5 years) -Total Budget 25.4 billion won(9.85 National, 9.8 Municipal, 5.76 Private) -Center construction (1,653㎡, remodeling 1-2 floors)
-Equipment setup, prototype production
-Technology development and commercialization-Global marketing support, etc.
Dental equipment test & proof center ′17~′19 -Total Budget: 3 billion
won (2 Municipal, 1 Private)
-Center construction (expansion)
-GLP facility and equipment
Supporting medium & small partners in dental bio absorbent material parts ‘18~’22(5 years) -Total Budget 17 billion
won (6.8 National, 6.8 Municipal, 3.4 Private)
-Full clinical TEST-BED
-Enterprise support, technology commercialization support
Promote sophistication of local home grown contact lens businesses April‘16~March’19 (3 years) -Total Budget 2.62 billion won (1.8 National, 0.18 Municipal, 0.64 Private) -Technology development (Lens design, etc.)
-Foreign/domestic certification and prototype production
Promotion of photonics convergence medical equipment industry by applying indigenous photonics technology April′17~Dec.′19
(3 years)
-Total Budget 1.76 billion
won (1.6 National, 0.16 Municipal)
-Prototype production, certification
(full clinical test), marketing, etc.
Strengthening export competitiveness of dental engineering industry by acquiring digital production technology April′17~Dec.’19 (3 years) -Total Budget 1.76 billion
won (16 National, 0.16 Municipal)
-Technology development, certification and marketing support, etc.
Status of Medical Industry Network
Medical industry network
- Establishing joint relations with relevant organizations
- Supporting technology development and commercialization
Biomedical Parts and Components Center of Gwangju Technopark
- Bio medical industry control tower
- Indigenous non-R&D
- Dental materials & parts technology support center
Overseas research institutes
- Fraunhofer
- University of Tirana in Albania
- Clinic Center of Dental University Hospital in Kosovo
Domestic research institutes
- Korean Institute of Materials Science of Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials
- Korean Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology
- Nano Bio Research Center
Research institutes in the region
- Korea Photonics Technology Institute (KOPTI) - Gwangju Design Center
Korea Industrial Complex Corporation
- Mini Cluster for medical parts and components
Relevant organization and associates
- Gwangju Regional Office of FDS (Food and Drug Safety)
- Korean Dental Industry Association (KDIA)
- Korean Dental Association
- Korean Dental Technologist Association
- Korean Dental Hygienist Association
- Gwangju aging friendly industry support center
Chonnam National University
- Future-oriented biomedical parts and components industries (RIS) - Bio suitability testing
- Developing titanium alloy
- Developing orthopedic implants
- Developing next generation implants
- Conducting animal testing
Chosun University
- Regional Innovation Center (RIC) for Dental Precision Equipment and Parts
Medical Engineering/Department of Radiology of Nambu University
- Conventional wellness COBE industry
- Developing medical engineering materials
- Animal testing for biostability
Songwon University
- Medical Engineering Fusion Research Center
Gwangju Health University
- Developing technology of materials for dental technicians - Research applying parts and components of dental laboratory science
Chosun College of Science & Technology
- Biomedical materials & parts manpower training
Participatory companies
- 72 companies including Kuwotech, Top Plus and TDM
- 360 enterprises including TDM Inc

Division in Charge : Strategic Industry Headquarters Future-Oriented Industry Policy Division

Contact : +82-62-613-3901